Reusable earplugs

The dOb Foam is a reusable earplug with filter, which gives the festival visitor a better music experience.

The dOb Foam earplugs are supplied per 50 pairs in a dispenser. The earplugs are resealable packaged in pairs. Perfect for storing these dispensers behind the bar or at the token selling point.

In addition, we can offer the opportunity to make use of our festival team for your event. The festival team creates awareness for hearing protection towards your visitors.


Speech intelligibility & music quality

Enjoy the music even more while not losing your speech intelligibility! The dOb Foam earplugs are comfortable in the ear and ensure that you do not perceive the annoying peep at the end of your night. If you perceive a ringing often, there is a risk of permanent hearing damage and a permanent ringing in the ears, also called tinnitus. DOb has developed Foam earplugs, which muffle the sound without degrading the music quality or speech intelligibility.

“Enjoy the music without losing your speech intelligibility!”


Foam earplugs

The premium music filter in the dOb Foam earplugs brings the sound back to a safe level, thereby preventing you from getting an annoying peep in your ears. The dOb foam earplug differentiates itself from the normal foam earplugs without filter, as those completely mute the noise level as there is no filter in it. This will isolate you from your environment and you can no longer enjoy the music. With the dOb Foam earplugs which do have a filter, it seems as if the volume of the music is turned down slightly, rather than the experience of sound is taken away.

Attenuation 15 dB 35 dB
Filter Music Filter No Filter
Speech intelligibility Retained Decreased
Music experience Amplified Reduced
Reuse Reusable disposable/one-off