Custom Made White Series 25db


Custom-made earplugs for motorcycling or heavy industry.

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Do you enjoy touring by motorbike or cruising in the convertible? Then it is important to protect your hearing from the wind noise. The dOb Custom Made White series 25 can also be used when working in heavy industry. The dOb Custom Made White series 25 has a progressive damping filter. As a result, the filter attenuates more in the treble than in the bass.

It is important to maintain good communication with your surroundings while wearing hearing protection. Not only does this keep you well protected but it also increases optimal wearing comfort.

Planning service at your location?
Our professionals now also visit you on location (in the Netherlands) to measure your custom-made hearing protection. For only € 27.50 we come your way. Order and pay the custom-made hearing protection in our webshop and we will call you within 2 working days for an appointment. Appointments are possible from Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 17.00. You will receive the custom-made hearing protectors including the prints no later than 2 weeks after the date of fitting.

Damping values:
The attenuation values indicate the minimum attenuation in the high, mid and low frequencies. Naast voldoende demping is het voor ons belangrijk dat onze oordopjes een goede spraakverstaanbaarheid behouden. That is why we have developed our filters to preserve the unique sound experience and speech intelligibility.

H = Protection value at high frequency
M = Protection value at center frequency
L = Protection value at low frequency
SNR = Average damping value

Custom Made White Series 25db – original

25 db 23 db 24 db 23 db

Custom Made White Series 25db – soft

22 db 20 db 22 db 22 db

Original, Soft


Cabrio, Industry, Motor


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