dOb Foam Party 18db


Foam earplugs for music and festivals.

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Reusable Foam 18db – earplugs
Enjoy the music even more without losing your speech intelligibility! The dOb Foam earplugs sit comfortably in the ear and ensure you don’t have an annoying ringing in your ears at the end of the night. If you have frequent ringing in your ears, there is a chance of permanent hearing damage and a permanent ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus. For this purpose, dOb has developed the Foam earplugs. These earplugs muffle sound without compromising music quality or speech intelligibility. The Foam earplugs can be used for music lovers, at parties, festivals or other music events where you want to enjoy the music in a pleasant way.

The high-quality music filter in the dOb Foam earplugs bring the noise level down to a safe level, preventing an annoying ringing in your ears. Unlike normal foam earplugs without a filter. In fact, these completely muffle the noise level because there is no filter inside. This isolates you from your surroundings and prevents you from enjoying the music. With the dOb Foam earplugs that do have a filter in them, it seems like the volume of the music is turned back slightly.

The dOb Foam earplugs are made of the ergonomic ‘one size fits all’ closed-cell foam. This reduces contamination, making it possible to clean the earplugs and use them several times before throwing them away. This material moulds to the ear canal, making them comfortable to wear for a longer period of time and go into the ear easily.



dOb Foam Party 18db