Reusable White Series 20db


Reusable earplugs for odd jobs or light industry.

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Reusable White Series 20db – job earplugs
When doing odd jobs at home or in the workplace, you are often exposed to high noise levels. The dOb Reusable White series earplugs sit comfortably in the ear and ensure you don’t have an annoying ringing in your ears at the end of the working day. If you have frequent ringing in your ears, there is a chance of permanent hearing damage and a permanent ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus. For that purpose, dOb has developed the Reusable White series 20 earplugs. These earplugs attenuate noise by 20 dB so you can walk around the workplace or do odd jobs around the house without a problem.

The high-quality progressive filter in the dOb Reusable White series has progressive attenuation. That is, damaging high notes are attenuated more than lower notes. This brings the noise level down to a safe level so that you can spend 8 hours worry-free in the workplace. Avoid lying in bed at night with an annoying ringing in your ears. The progressive filter in the dOb Reusable White series means you can still communicate with your surroundings just fine.

The dOb Reusable White series are made of special medical TPE material. This material ensures that the earplugs mould themselves to the ear and seal off ear canals tightly. This keeps the earplugs in place and allows you to wear them effortlessly for a longer period of time.

Damping values:
The attenuation values indicate the minimum attenuation in the high, mid and low frequencies. Naast voldoende demping is het voor ons belangrijk dat onze oordopjes een goede spraakverstaanbaarheid behouden. That is why we have developed our filters to preserve the unique sound experience and speech intelligibility.

H = Protection value at high frequency
M = Protection value at medium frequency
L = Protection value at low frequency
SNR = Average damping value

19 db 19 db 17 db 14 db

Filters and other Earplugs from dOb:
The filters in the dOb Reusable White range are designed so that you can easily replace them yourself. Would you like to be able to use the same earplugs for multiple occasions? Then you can easily change the filter with heavier or lighter attenuation without buying a whole new product. Would you like to switch to dOb’s special custom-made earplugs? Again, you can easily transfer your filters from your existing dOb Reusable White series earplugs to dOb’s custom-made earplugs.

The dOb Reusable White series earplugs come with a handy aluminium storage case. You can hang it on your key ring, put it in your pocket or put it in your handbag. From now on, you can enjoy music anywhere with the dOb Reusable White series earplugs.


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Reusable White Series 20db